11th October 2021

With over 75 years of wax expertise, IGI® are the world’s only fully integrated wax producer.

Free from ties to group one lubricant oil production, IGI® can offer a sustainable and secure supply of high quality waxes, including their range of MICROSERE® microcrystalline waxes.

IGI® can supply an unrivalled range of melting point, hardness & colour grades, tailored to meet your specific end-product needs.

Softer MICROSERE® grades are malleable; tacky and flexible, making them ideal for adhesive and laminating applications. Harder MICROSERE® grades are nonbrittle, offering melt-point enhancement and opacity.

MICROSERE® waxes have complex, branched molecular structures, offering excellent binding properties and efficient crystal modification in other base waxes. The crystal structure of microcrystalline wax is much finer than paraffin wax, and this directly impacts many of the physical properties.

Compared to Paraffin waxes, MICROSERE® microcrystalline waxes are:

  • Tougher
  • More flexible
  • Higher in melting point (generally)
  • Better at binding solvents or oil, and thus prevent the sweating-out of compositions.

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MICROSERE™ Microcrystalline Waxes

MICROSERE™ microcrystalline waxes are tougher, more flexible and tend to have higher melting points than paraffin waxes. The fine crystal structure of MICROSERE™ microcrystalline waxes means the wax can bind to solvents and oils preventing sweating-out.

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