11th February 2019

JEFFADD® MW Amines from Huntsman Performance Products Improve pH Stability of Metalworking Fluids

sparks flying from machinery

JEFFADD® MW multifunctional speciality amines from Huntsman Performance Products are a range of inherently low foaming amines which can be formulated into metal working fluids to provide pH buffering and a source of alkalinity.

JEFFADD® MW-740 and JEFFADD® MW-750 are tertiary amines from Huntsman Performance Products which can be used in water-miscible formulations as a corrosion inhibitor. Both JEFFADD® MW-740 and JEFFADD®MW-750 only cause mild to low staining on aluminium.

JEFFADD® MW-781 Etheramine is a low molecular weight primary amine which inhibits staining on aluminium in the vapour phase. JEFFADD® MW-781 promotes excellent tramp oil rejection in synthetic fluids.

JEFFADD® MW-703 Polyetheramine protects against cobalts and copper leeching whilst increasing lubricity. JEFFADD® MW-703 enhances pH and emulsion stability and aids in tramp oil rejection.

To find out more about what Huntsman Performance Products we can offer into metalworking fluid applications, or to request a technical data sheet on any products mentioned above please contact us or visit our website. Alfa Chemicals is proud to distribute from Huntsman Performance Products in the UK and Ireland.