2nd January 2023

Alfa Chemicals Nordic are thrilled to be partnered with Synthesia Technology, a manufacturer of polyurethanes, acrylic emulsions and other polymer products.

The following ranges are now being promoted on our website:

  • ACCUAPUR - Water-based polyurethane dispersions for functional coatings that show performance suitable for different substrates and applications.
  • ACCUACRIL - Acrylic emulsions for high-performing water-based systems.
  • ACCUAFER, ACCUAPOL & ACCUAPOX - Modified acrylic copolymer, polyester or epoxy ester water-dilutable products for functional coatings for a variety of substrates.
  • SYNTHACRIL - Solvent-based acrylic resins, which cover a large number of technologies, including hydroxylated acrylics, thermoplastic and thermosetting.
  • SYNTHAN & SYNTHANE - Polyurethane prepolymers and polyisocyanate-based crosslinkers for 1K and 2K coatings.
  • SYNTHANOL - Branched polyol with ether and ester groups, castor oil-based.