6th September 2021

With increasing demands made of the paper industry for better packaging and greater consumer focus on sustainability, repulpability and recyclability, water-based coatings for paper are becoming a requirement for many applications.

Enviro-Coatings®, part of IGI, offer a range of products that enhance the natural features of paper board and add value to packaging with the extra protection, moisture resistance and superior surface characteristics provided.

Enviro-Coatings® work directly with corrugated and paper customers to create a sustainable solution for the whole supply chain: from material source to recycling options. Most products are fully repulpable and recyclable by standard industry processes. Working in partnership with the recycling community, Enviro-Coatings® have made exciting breakthroughs in emulsion/substrate separation technology that is now implemented in paper mills.

Wax-coated papers are being adopted to replace polystyrene and other bulky containers in the fast-food industry. Enviro-Coatings® products perform at reduced coating weights, delivering the required barrier coating performance with less packaging material.

Waxed packaging often involves food contact, making it unsuitable for recycling. However, Enviro-Coatings® offer BPI certified compostable water-based emulsions. This represents the convergence of smart sustainable practices to reduce waste, provide product protection and use fewer raw materials.

Enviro-Coatings® offerings of water-based emulsions include:

  • Aquaban® - General purpose water-based treatment for paper and corrugated board, imparts a high level of water repellence and resistance. Concentrated, compostable and ready-to-use versions are available.
  • Barrier-Grip® - Water-based product that provides a high performance barrier against water, oil and grease when applied to a paper-based substrate. Coated surfaces also exhibit exceptionally high slide angle, as well as being printable and glueable.
  • Vapor-Guard® - Suitable for any packaging application that requires excellent water, oil and grease resistance and a low rate of moisture vapour transmission. Rod coater application recommended with or without a base coat.
  • A range of speciality products - Includes products for abrasion resistance, non-slip and medium treatment.