Range of amino acrylate oligomers which can be used in the formulation of UV-cured coatings. Typically have low functionalities.



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Etercure 6420

Light colour, low level odour with fast cure speed especially on surface with less surface migration on amine. Good stability. Great for overprinting varnish, pigmented coatings, wood coatings and clear varnishes on paper and plastics. Functionality: 2, Viscosity: 15 ~ 25 cps @ 25°C.

Etercure 6417

Low odour with good curing speed and less surface migration on amine. Great for overprinting varnish as well as paper, wood and plastic coatings. Functionality: 1 ~ 2, Viscosity: 800 ~ 1,200 cps @ 25°C.