Chemal® surfactants can be used in a variety of applications including metalworking, metal cleaning and homecare, industrial & institutional (I&I).

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      Chemax® surfactants are used in a many applications including metalworking, plastic, textile and homecare, industrial & institutional (I&I) products. Chemax® NP-6 also has applications within the construction market as an emulsifier, foaming and wetting agent.

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      Morpholine and DIGLYCOLAMINE® Agent

      Used in the CASE, Metalworking and Homecare markets as an emulsifier and wetting agent; Morpholine also acts as an excellent corrosion inhibitor, especially in steam boiler systems. Has applications within water treatment as it is miscible with water as well as a large range of other organic solvents. DIGLYCOLAMINE® Agent is a 2-(2-aminoethoxy) ethanol which is used as a foam stabilizer, wetter, emulsifier and an amide in metalworking, personal care and electronics.

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      We offer environmentally-aware solvent systems for industrial cleaning applications under our RESIN KLEEN™ range. These products have high solvency, low VOC and are readily biodegradable, offering a great alternative to conventional and harmful solvents such as methylene chloride and acetone.

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      The ROKAmer® product line represents a group of non-ionic surfactants of the EO/PO block copolymers. Most of the ROKAmer® products are block copolymers in which the central polypropylene glycol group is flanked by two polyethylene glycol groups. Block copolymers are multipurpose products used in a variety of applications where antifoaming, dispersing and wetting properties are needed. Applications include detergents, I&I applications, rinse aids, hard surface cleaners, metal cleaners paints and coatings, water treatment and others.

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      ROKAnol® series

      The ROKAnol® range is comprised of a wide variety of non-ionic surfactants that are ethylene and propylene oxide adducts to various types of alcohols.

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