Chemours is committed to key values which include integrity, strong customer relationships and environmental responsibility. Chemours employs just over 8,000 individuals across more than 130 countries. With shareholders remaining the same as DuPont, the new company has a strong chemical background to expand from and grow. Chemours is focused on three main technologies: Fluoroproducts such as Teflon (PTFE, PFA, FEP) and Tefzel (ETFE) products, Chemical Solutions and Titanium Dioxide based pigments and solutions.

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Special use premium resin with a relatively high melt flow rate (typical MFR of 16), designed to meet ultra-high purity requirements. Recommended when improved colour and lower extractable fluorides are required in hostile chemical environments. Typical applications include fluid handling components for critical uses such as within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, which require high-purity processes.

  • 26655-00-5