Range of toluene-free monomers which can be used in the formulation of UV-cured coatings. Typically have low viscosities.



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Etermer EM242-TF

Fast cure rate and high crosslink density. Good abrasion, chemical and water resistance. Viscosity: 400 ~ 700 @ 25°C.

Etermer EM2387-TF (G3.5POTA)

Fast cure rate, low skin irritability and good pigment wetting. Good hardness and flexibility. Viscosity: 70 ~ 100 @ 25°C.

Etermer EM2380-TF (TMP3EOTA)

Good hardness and low skin irritation. More flexible and EM231. Viscosity: 50 ~ 70 @ 25°C.

Etermer EM2251-TF (NPG2PODA)

Improved flexibility and adhesion, low surface tension and low shrinkage on polymerisation. Viscosity: 10 ~ 20 @ 25°C.

Etermer EM231-TF (TMPTA)

High gloss and hardness, good abrasion resistance and high reactivity and crosslinking. Viscosity: 70 ~ 110 @ 25°C.

Etermer EM222-TF (DPGDA)

Fast cure rate and excellent solvency. Viscosity: 7 ~ 13 @ 25°C.

Etermer EM223-TF (TPGDA)

Good flexibility and low volatility. Viscosity: 8 ~ 16 @ 25°C.

Etermer EM221-TF (HDDA)

Great weatherability and adhesion onto plastic substrates. Viscosity: 5 ~ 10 @ 25°C.