16th March 2023

100% Naturally-Derived Kester Waxes

In recent years, the demand for natural or naturally-derived ingredients in cosmetic formulations has increased in popularity. Customers are increasingly searching for products that are both natural and vegan, in order to produce formulas and/or technologies without any animal derived ingredients.

Waxes are commonly used in the cosmetic industry, specifically in colour cosmetics, to enhance their performance and benefits. Koster Keunen offer variations of the Kester Waxes specialties franchise, that can be used as a 100% naturally-derived and vegan raw material in your formulations.

Koster Keunen's Kester Wax K-24 is a natural plant-based wax. It is a highly versatile ester wax that can be used in all applications including skincare, haircare, colour cosmetics, sunscreens, AP/DEO and wash-off or leave-on products.

Other Kester Waxes available for enquiry include Kester Wax K-30G, Kester Wax K-72, Kester Wax K-82D, Kester Wax K-82P.