16th May 2024

Wild-harvested, Sustainable Butter for your Formulations!

Forestwise’s mission is to #StopDeforestation and create #RainforestValue. Forestwise does this by producing Rainforest ingredients, creating more value for forest communities while increasing the value of the forest as a natural resource, and providing genuinely sustainable alternatives for consumers around the world.

Illipe Butter (also known as Shorea Stenoptera Butter or tengkawang fat) is made from the nuts of the endangered Shorea stenoptera tree, which only grows in the forests of Borneo and Sumatra.

When ripe, these large nuts fall to the forest floor, where they are harvested by hand before being soaked in forest river stream to soften the hard shell. Once opened, the seeds are sun-dried for several days before being transported to the processing unit. Here, the seeds are cold-pressed in expeller presses and vacuum filtered to obtain a pure, raw product.

Forestwise have made contracts with over 1000 collectors from 31 villages in West Kalimantan in Indonesia to buy their illipe nuts. Buying illipe nuts helps support up to 30 employees and 740 local families as well as helping to protect an area the size of Luxembourg from deforestation.

Illipe nuts produce a sustainable butter with higher melting point than Shea Butter. It is a Fair trade ingredient with proven moisturising properties as well as soothing sunburn and sores.

This product is certified by Ecocert according to the Fair for Life and organic (NOP and EOS) standards. Also available as non-organic / conventional.

Watch the Illipe Butter Production Process Below