26th June 2024

Natural alternatives to silicone and synthetics

Versatile and customisable these Natural Sensory Complexes™ deliver outstanding texture without silicone

From featherlight to silky to enriched - the right sensory profile determines the success of a product. Sourced from natural oils, TC USA’s Natural Sensory Complexes™ deliver outstanding texture without silicone. Versatile and customisable, these feel modifiers enable you to target specific sensory profile so you can easily meet market trends and preferences


A solid Natural Sensory Complex™ derived from Olive oil, that will thicken oils, while leaving a soft silky after feel on spread. This is ideal for modifying the rheology properties in emulsions to enhance high temperature stability profiles.


A unique jojoba dry, Natural Sensory Complex ™ derived from Jojoba seed designed to offer an extremely soft, dry, sensory profile that is non-greasy for skin and hair applications. It offers dry sensory dispersing properties for inorganic materials that will not compromise the target texture required in facial applications.


An ultra-dry Natural Sensory Complex™ to substitute traditional Argan oil in formulations that require fast absorption, lighter spreading properties without a greasy after feel. It offers offer exceptional, dry sensory properties for skin and hair and is is ideal as a silicone fluid alternative.