5th June 2023

Alfa Chemicals Nordic ApS is delighted to announce that we now represent Premium Organic!

Premium Organic is an Austrian based biotech company focused on R&D and manufacturing of natural extracts for the personal care, cosmetic and health industry.

ALPIN HEILMOOR EXTRACT™ (AHE) is their first multifunctional bioactive ingredient.

AHE concentrates the most potent ingredients of healing moors and provides them in a micronized form.

A combination of comprehensive in vitro studies & clinical studies show various effects of ALPIN HEILMOOR EXTRACT™ on the skin, hair and scalp as well as benefits in oral care.

Premium Organic have developed an innovative and sustainable extraction process for their patented ALPIN HEILMOOR EXTRACT™.

They preserve the moor’s CO2 reservoir by keeping the topsoil intact. Extraction only takes place once a year for two weeks, which gives the Moor time to regenerate.

Click HERE to watch the sustainable extraction process.

Premium Organic ensure transparency and sustainability by being COSMOS, ECOCERT, NATRUE and VEGAN certified.