18th August 2022

Skin cells have built-in defence mechanisms to offset the negative impact of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Common environmental pollutants, like NIST1649B, deplete the antioxidant enzymes in the epidermis whilst also reducing the content of other antioxidants substances. As a result, the redox balance is disturbed, causing oxidative stress and damage to the skin cells.

VIVIFY™ PLUS from Green Line™ is proven to exhibit antioxidant and anti-pollution capabilities that result in a significant reduction of dust-induced ROS levels, including NIST1649B. It contains Myrothamnus flabellifolia extract, known as the resurrection plant, which has the ability to hydrate skin in its deepest layers, while nourishing it and helping it to retain moisture.

The extracts used in VIVIFY™ PLUS are also sustainably grown and sourced in South Africa. Both Aloe Ferox and Myrothamnus flabellifolia are wild harvested by manual leaf cutting, ensuring that the plant is reserved for the next season.

This powerful natural antioxidant and anti-pollution active is a great addition to skincare to resurrect the skin.

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