13th February 2022

Lower the carbon footprint and water usage of your formulations with high quality botanical oils, powered by nature. Vertical farming and local on-site processing creates the most sustainable and traceable finished products that are:

  • 100% clean from herbicides and pesticides
  • Non-GMO
  • Without threat of heavy metals or other toxins
  • Powered by solar electricity

The hydroponic vertical farming system requires no soil, utilising only nutrient rich water which, through controlled irrigation, reduces water usage by up to 70%.

Unaffected by weather conditions and with no dependence on distant suppliers, PureSource can produce quality, clean plant extracts with a high concentration of bioactive compounds, all year round.

See below for our first products grown with aquaponic vertical farming!

Vertically farmed oils & butters

A selection of our oils and butters, grown and processed on site, utilised hydroponic vertical farming. These products are clean from pesticides & herbicides, reduce water usage and can reduce the carbon footprint of your product.

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The future of sustainable farming

Hydroponic vertical farming involves plants grown in vertically stacked layers, with conditions carefully controlled for optimised crop yield. The roots are submerged in a solution which provides the perfect package of nutrients for plants to thrive.

More efficient use of space means vertical farming reduces the need for more arable land, protecting natural environments from encroaching human development.