27th July 2021

Upcycled Sunflower Wax: Eco-friendly gelling & structurising ingredient

Koster Keunen's Sunflower Wax can deliver excellent structurising and gelling properties to your cosmetic formulation, as well as being eco-friendly and sustainably sourced!

Sunflower wax is obtained from winterization during the sunflower oil production process. This natural by-product is upcycled to become a valuable component in cosmetic formulation.
As well as being a strong gellant and consistency modifier in sticks and emulsions, it can also provide emolliency, film formation and lubricity.

Sunflower wax is most often used in lipsticks and other anhydrous colour cosmetics, foundations, mascaras, and skin and hair care. It is highly compatible with a wide variety of oil mediums at all usage levels.

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