Green Line™ offers a full cache of plant-based raw materials to help you build formulations that harness the power of nature.

Green Line™ has a range of ingredients, developed by formulators for formulators, to meet the ongoing performance and marketing needs of the natural customer - innovative active ingredients, high performance emulsifiers, natural antioxidants and multifunctional ingredients, along with our fully customisable botanical extracts platform.

Their NEW naturally anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant active, Inflamox™ Plus is a potent blend of Turmeric, Ginger and Rosemary extracts in Omega-rich Cranberry Oil, perfectly suited to self-care & wellness products.

Green Line Botanical Natural Extracts

Range of superior quality plant extracts from Green Line Botanicals are paraben-free, and available in whichever base you require: glycols, glycerine, oils, water to name but a few. Ask us for full details of the extracts we can offer.

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